Molcon Interwheels combines a high-quality product range with excellent service. This combination has allowed us to maintain optimal customer relations for decades. In addition to the professional advice from our sales department and the careful monitoring of our products by the aftersales department, Molcon Interwheels can mount or remove your tyres for you.


Molcon Interwheels provides a range of services to support our customers:
  • Wheel repair
  • (Re)painting/finishing of wheels
  • Wheel modification (for example, moving the disk, attaching a new hub)
  • Alignment:
    The wheels that are manufactured in Heinkenszand at Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing are systematically measured after the pressing cycle for axial (lateral) and radial (vertical) trueness. If the result of the measurement shows that the wheel falls within the tolerated trueness for its size, then the wheel gets a ‘go’ and it is allowed to proceed through the production line. If the tolerance is exceeded, there is a ‘no go’ and the disk will be extracted from the rim and the unit will be removed from production.
    In this way, we can guarantee you a wheel with trueness within standard tolerance levels for its size.

Short turnaround times

Thanks to our extensive, well-balanced stocks, we can provide exceptionally fast deliveries. When you order a product that is in stock by 3 PM, it will be delivered the next day.

General terms of sale

You can download our general terms of sale here.