Molcon Interwheels has a long history with wheels and tyres. The company's roots go back to the 1950s.


The Dutch smith Pieter Krijn Mol, the father of various members of the current management, develops a quick release system for dual wheel assembly. First in the form of a cage wheel, it later evolved to become a dual wheel with tyre, which made it very easy to mount the (spare) wheel next to the existing tractor wheels. The universal quick release system was patented and became internationally renowned.


The story of the development of the universal quick release system led to a wider range of products such as agricultural wheels, and this sealed the success of the company Molcon bv in Heinkenszand, Zeeland where, in 1962, Pieter Krijn built a factory.


One of the sons of Pieter Krijn Mol founds Interwheels bvba in Dendermonde.


Interwheels starts with the distribution of agricultural tyres. Both Molcon bv in Heinkenszand and Interwheels bvba in Dendermonde expand rapidly and develop chiefly in the area of wheels and tyres for the agricultural sector. GKN, Alliance and Taurus become their major suppliers.


The ISO-9001 quality certificate is awarded for the wheel production.


Molcon Interwheels sets up a joint venture with Agrartechnik Wennekamp Germany.


Molcon Interwheels starts the collaboration with tyre supplier BKT.


Molcon and Interwheels join forces. MIW – Molcon Interwheels nv is founded. Purchasing, logistics, aftersales and marketing are centralised in Dendermonde making the organisation more efficient. Both countries retain their own sales departments. The wheel production is brought together in Heinkenszand.


In January, Agrartechnik Wennekamp merges with Grasdorf in Germany and together form the MIW-group.


In addition to agricultural, ATV and lawn & garden tyres, Molcon Interwheels starts sales of OTR-(Off The Road)tyres.


Molcon Interwheels becomes the official, exclusive distributor in the Benelux countries of radial OTR-tyres for the brand Techking. On 14 May, Molcon Interwheels receives the official document stating that Molcon Interwheels is Techking Service Center for the Benelux region.


The production process of Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing, our wheel production unit in Heinkenszand, is subjected to a review. A new logistical flow ensures shorter throughput times and fast delivery. There is investment in an advanced CNC processing centre as well.


In March, the tyre range is expanded to include the brand Antyre. Molcon Interwheels is now able to provide truck tyres. In September, the Finnish brand Nokian is added to the range.


The wheel production is further optimised, and a rim press specially designed for Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing is purchased, in order to be able to manufacture even stronger wheels in the near future.


Since the summer of 2015, MIW distributes truck wheels of the Chinese brand "Better".
There is a steel truck wheel but also the beautiful, and more important lighter, aluminum version in the most common sizes for trucks.
The range of Better wheels will be expanded steadily in time.


PEW HOLDING (Molcon Interwheels) takes over the German GRASDORF GmbH
Through this acquisition, PEW Holding, which already owned 50% shares of Grasdorf, wishes to continue to optimize the synergies that exist between Molcon Interwheels and Grasdorf GmbH, both in terms of production processes and the wholesale in general.
Grasdorf Rad achieves at that moment a turnover of approximately EUR 40 million and has various locations in Germany.


The covered storage capacity in Dendermonde will be expanded significantly.
From 11,000m² to 18,000m² covered storage, or 60% extra covered storage capacity. (Office space not included.)
The total storage capacity thus amounts to 21,000m².
The total area of our Dendermond site is no less than 36,000m².

This new storage facility was also provided with 7 additional loading and unloading bays.

In 2020 the webshop 2.0 was also launched in BeNeLux and France!
With the help of this update, customers can work much better and more efficiently through our webshop.