Quality & guarantee

Molcon Interwheels stands for a service-oriented approach and a close relationship with the customer based on trust. That is why, even after the sale, we continue to monitor our products in order to ensure that the best possible solution has been delivered. Our aftersales department can provide additional advice or solve any problems that arise.


At Molcon Interwheels, we believe in the quality of our products. We therefore have an extensive guarantee policy, according to which we offer you a 2-year guarantee on wheels and the appropriate guarantee on tyres regarding the manufacturer. The guarantee applies only to problems concerning manufacturing defects, and not problems caused by external factors or incorrect use of the product.

Claim procedure

As an end-user, if you encounter a problem with a Molcon Interwheels product, you should contact your dealer. The dealer will then contact our aftersales department. Our direct customers can contact our aftersales department themselves. After carefully documenting your request, our aftersales department will get work on processing it and the dealer will be notified of the result.
Important is to be able to provide following details: 
  1. Purchase bill
  2. Serial number of the product