Adjustable Wheels


The Masterfit is a versatile, adjustable wheel and one of the strongest and best looking on the market. A Masterfit wheel consists of a rim, a profiled ring, a disk and possibly a replaceable midsection. The disk is attached with nuts and bolts at four points to a profiled ring with flanged edge that is welded fully circumferentially around the rim. At these four points, twin pieces can be attached. By using these different components, various track widths can be achieved. Thanks to the replaceable midsection, this wheel can be mounted on various tractors and machines. This flexibility is very useful in practice: you can use a single wheel on multiple machines. You simply change the replaceable midsection.

The Masterfit has no fewer than 32 different potential adjustments: from 16 to 48 different track widths. We are able to offer a complete range of Masterfit wheels in sizes through 54”; From 44”, we use 4x3 bolts, and for smaller sizes, 4x2 bolts.

Budget Pro

The Budget Pro is a cheaper, fully fledged alternative for the Masterfit with 4x2 nuts for application on tractors up to 135 hp. In this case, the profiled ring does not have a flanged edge and it is therefore welded into the rim circumferentially on both sides.