Trucks can be seen everywhere and are an indispensable link in day-to-day goods transport. Trucks have to travel long distances and spend as many hours on the road as possible to achieve optimal returns. All this stands or falls with the right footwear, of course, truck tires or truck tires are therefore of importance not to be underestimated. There is therefore a lot to consider when selecting the right truck tire.

Molcon Interwheels and truck tires

Since the beginning of 2013, you can also purchase truck tires from Molcon Interwheels. In the purchase process, we take into account criteria such as the future application of the tire (on terrain, on public roads or mixed use) and the mounting location (on the steering axle, drive axle and/or under trailers). The profile and size are also very important for truck tires. We also take into account today's requirements for truck tires:

  • High Quality
  • Optimal driving comfort
  • Great safety guarantee
  • Comply with European standards for fuel consumption, wet grip and noise level.

Competitive range of truck tires

Molcon Interwheels can offer you truck tires from the premium brand Evergreen. Evergreen has a wide and modern range with an innovative design and an excellent price-quality ratio. Moreover, the tires all meet the REACH regulations and are all provided with European labels that provide information on, for example, fuel consumption, grip on wet surfaces and the noise level.