Wielen fabriek, Heinkenszand

Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing makes a priority of quality and reliable delivery, so we are constantly refining our processes. The lay-out of the production plant in Heinkenszand has been optimised to achieve short throughput times and fast delivery. In order to be able to provide top quality and customisation, Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing maintains a range of highly advanced installations.

Quality solutions

Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing works with high-quality components which are mostly supplied by GKN, a strategic partner with whom we share engineering and innovation know-how. The disks that are used in production of the customised wheels are supplied blind (without any hole pattern). After an intake check, the highly advanced CNC processing centre equips the disks with correct hub connections (spindle and bolt holes). This cutting technology is much more accurate than torch cutting technology and can be performed without a great deal of time spent on calibration, and within a very short processing time. In order to be able to provide every customer with customised service, Molcon Interwheels maintains an extensive database of machine and customer data.

Automatic Welding
Automatic Welding
Degreasing Machine
Degreasing Machine

Degreasing machine

After the CNC processing centre has created the correct hub connections, the degreasing machine removes all oil and grease from the production components. This is important for optimal results in the later phases of the production process, for quality and finishing purposes. The disk and the rim are then adjusted to the right offset.

Rim press

In light of ongoing developments in the target market and ever-increasing demands, Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing decided to purchase a rim press specially designed for us. This rim press is able to assemble the disk and the rim at just the right offset, resulting in an even stronger wheel with a higher load capacity. Laser sensors are also incorporated into this press which checks each wheel after the pressing for axial  and radial  trueness. The press cycle is completed with marking with a unique number so that each wheel has its own identification. After the pressing, with the help of a seam tracking system, the wheel is provided with a high-quality seam in a welding manipulator. The seams are regularly checked and Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing carefully follows the latest developments in welding technology as well.

Steel blasting and powder coating

The wheel is then abraded (steel shot blasting): using steel grit and a cleaning additive, the correct blasting pattern with the correct cleanliness and roughness is achieved so that the wheel is ready for the powder coating process. Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing has opted for the powder coating process because this is stronger than “wet-coating”. It represents a high added value since the wheel will have to stand up to a lot of abuse, and the coating result therefore needs to be perfect in terms of finish, hardness and scratch resistance. The quality powders from suppliers such as Akzo Nobel are applied through an electrostatic process. All of the standard agricultural colours (RAL) can be applied at the customer's request. After the powder coating, the wheel is fired in a muffle furnace in which the object temperature reaches 190°c. Thanks to the unique composition of the powder, a process occurs inside the oven that results in an enamel layer with optimal adhesion, shine and strength.

Quality control

After the wheels have been restored to room temperature in the cool down zone, they are subjected to a final inspection. Each wheel is checked for size and visually inspected for damage and layer thickness. After approval, the wheel is carefully packed for shipment to the satisfied customer.

As you can see, Molcon Interwheels Manufacturing never stops innovating, in order to be able to continue to stand out in the market for our quality, reliable delivery and flexibility.