OTR stands for Off-The-Road, a broad term that covers tyres developed for applications off of paved roads, often under more rugged conditions. The OTR category encompasses activities such as earthmoving, road construction and mining. OTR-tyres need to perform under heavy conditions and must therefore meet high standards.

Molcon Interwheels, your expert in OTR-tyres

Molcon Interwheels is a specialist who can assist you in finding the right OTR-tyre. In addition to important purchasing criteria such as the number of hours that a tyre will need to work per day, the intended cargo, potential use on public roads and the future application and working conditions for the tyre, we also take into account the heavy demands placed on OTR-tyres:

  • High safety guarantee
  • Good stability
  • Optimal driving comfort
  • Strong traction
  • Heat resistance
  • Cost per hour
  • High resistance against impact and damage

Often, a number of areas for attention overlap and diverse factors will be combined. Thus, for example, the load capacity can be taken into account at maximum speed, and vice versa.

Wide range of OTR-tyres

The OTR-range from Molcon Interwheels is very wide and includes tyres for highly diverse applications. We can offer you tyres from various high-quality brands such as the professional OTR-brand Techking. Our brands BKT and Nokian also offer a wide OTR-range. Thanks to our large stocks, we can rapidly supply you with the right tyres in different types and sizes.